Hotter, Paradise in St. Augustine's, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Sun, 20 Aug '17 7.53pm
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Transgression Productions
Ell Potter (creator/perfomer), Mary Higgins (creator/performer)
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“What gets you hot?” - “What’s the best thing your body can do?” asks Ell Potter and Mary Higgins. This question, and many other ones about topics like self love, body image, and sexuality, is posed to a plethora of interviewees from trans women to drag queens to nursing home residents. The answers have become this show.

It’s hard not to feel as if Ell and Mary are speaking directly to you. They absolutely never sound rehearsed or predictable; this piece is a straight-from-the-heart session of self-acceptance and body celebration. These two have undeniable chemistry, and with their visceral charm it’s not surprising that the entire audience joins them willingly for a finale dance party on stage.

Using innovative ways of performing sketch, impressions and interview recordings, dance, monologue, these two have created a dynamic love letter to bodies, theirs and yours, with Hotter. Warmth and energy just envelope you with this one.

Hotter is about “blushing, sweating, pinkness, and pleasure,” says Transgression Productions, but it’s much more than that. “It’s about hotness in every sense of the word.”

Made me feel really silly for swatting my partner’s hand away from lovingly squeezing my soft belly in the queue a few minutes before the show. What’s not to love?

21-27 August, 10.45pm. 16+