Hot Brown Honey, Assembly Roxy, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Wed, 9 Aug '17 7.17pm
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Hot Brown Honey is more than cabaret or burlesque, it’s a movement of “radical, fierce love.” Endless energy, political cheek, unapology and intersectionality is the vibe, and these honies and the hive are your tribe.

The Aussie ladies bring the house to its feet with the power emoting from every single act. Just when you think you’ve seen everything at the Fringe, Hot Brown Honey features an aerial act viscerally portraying the inner and outer experience of sexual assault.

Clever and shiver-inducing, this routine shows at once just how bound women can be by violence, but equally how strong women are in the midst of it. The reverse striptease is not only a satire of virgin idolisation, but a force of ingenuity! Hilarious and fun. Numbers like this, acts that twist stereotypes and turn genres inside out, are rampant throughout the show. *Shoutout to the showstopper, “Don’t Touch My Hair.”

Something I hadn’t seen mentioned as much in feminist shows such as Hot Brown Honey is the essential need and economical challenge that is childcare. By passing around a donation bucket that says, “The revolution cannot happen without childcare,” you feel a bit like you’re in church, a communal space to talk about morality and love, hoping to pass a better future onto the next generation.

Fighting patriarchy is hard, but self love and self care are paramount, and these Fierce Mamas don’t want you to forget it. So, de-colonise and moisturise, lovelies, stand up and make noise! Fighting the power never tasted so sweet.

5 - 27 August (not 14 or 21)at 9pm Age recommendation: 16+