George Egg: DIY Chef, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Review

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George Egg
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George Egg
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In 2015, equipped with only hotel room essentials, he brought you travel kettle sea bass, UHT milk ricotta crostini and bible crushed hazelnuts. Now, in 2017 the anarchist cook, George Egg, has been banished to the shed with the wallpaper steam stripper, his set of power tools and anything else Mrs. Egg has expelled from the house.

After receiving a significant health scare, Egg and his Mrs. turned their attention to the amount and types of food he was preparing. With fear and devotion to his health, Mrs. Egg expelled him to the garden shed with nothing but peppermint tea and greens. Stepping up his game from the three course meal prepared in George Egg: Anarchist Cook, Egg is here to prove that you can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner using power tools - and that it’ll have you drooling.

To detail the menu would be to ruin Egg’s ability to impress with mouth-watering recipes and innovative cooking methods, however it must be said that in comparison to this comical chef, culinary geniuses really can over complicate such a simple process as poaching an egg or cooking meat. A feat majorly simplified when tackled with a power tool.

Incorporating his laugh a minute comedy into a genuine, if somewhat outlandish, cooking lesson, it is a real delicacy to enjoy an hour in Egg’s company. This genre mashing show will have you surprised by the methods, salivating at the recipes and seriously glad that it all culminates in a tasting session!

2 - 27 Aug (Not 14), 4.15pm