Out of the Blue, Assembly George Square Theatre, Review

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Out of the Blue
Deon Fang, Erik Andreoli, Samuel Swinnerton, Alex Ohlsson, Ifan Jenkin, Jasper Gold, JJ Gibbs, Sam Harris, Sean Hewetson, Tim Leach, Will Northcott, Will Smith
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They’re back, they’re bigger, and they’re almost certainly Bluer. This acapella group will knock your socks off!

Out of the Blue return to the Fringe for their 13th year to sell-out performances, and it is easy to see why. Even without the boom in pop culture for a cappella music, these boys have something special. Every member oozes stage presence and charm, and their show is utterly irresistible.

While each and every one of them has a wonderful voice, together they are a force to be reckoned with. Without a single instrument in the whole show apart from the twelve voices we see on stage, the group bring us hip-hop, pop, ballad and love song – and the surprise Disney is definitely a highlight.

A touching interlude to explain their fundraising efforts for Helen Douglas House, a hospice in their home town of Oxford, proves that they are not just passionate and talented about their music – they have their hearts in the right place too.

It is clear that an awful lot of hard work goes into their performances and it pays off in spades. Their passion for their art is infectious and they’ll have you joining in, clapping along and laughing with them as the student comedy streak tumbles out onto the stage. They all have solos and it is wonderful to hear such a multi-talented group with a chance for everyone to shine; it really is a team effort. One or two showcase amazing solo performances which will have you on the edge of your seat.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of exceptional talent and a lot of laughs, very well spent!

Times: 6-29 August, 2.45pm
Tickets:£10-£12 (£9-£10)