Elsa Jean McTaggart: Lassie Will Ye Go, theSpace @ Symposium Hall, Review

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Elsa Jean McTaggart
Elsa Jean McTaggart, Gary Lister
Elsa Jean McTaggart, Gary Lister Jim Archibald
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Elsa Jean returns to the Fringe with a wonderful collection of folk music to launch her new album, Lassie Will Ye Go.

With music and song, Elsa Jean performs on the fiddle and guitar a mixture of old Scottish tunes, Gaelic song and her own original compositions. Years of playing to audiences around Europe gives her a seasoned confidence which is a joy to watch and listen to.

Her own compositions come from the heart and speak of her experiences and loves, from humorous memories of a phantom fiddler to her return to the country of her birth. Intermingled with these are instrumental numbers which have you dancing in your seat to a true folk rhythm, and ancient Scottish folk songs, brought to life by her art.

Lassie Will Ye Go also sees Jim Archibald perform the title song, a wonderful addition to McTaggart’s evocative collection. The performance is a real labour of love – you can see that folk music is in her bones, and she’ll have you clapping and tapping and singing along. This is folk music at its best.

Times: 6-27 (not 14 and 21), 7.30pm
Tickets: £10 (£7.50)