Nick Cody: Beard Game Strong, Assembly George Square, Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Tue, 11 Aug '15 8.51pm
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Brett Vincent for Get Comedy
Nick Cody
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There is an incredibly wonderful influx of Australian comic talent at this year's Edinburgh Fringe and Nick Cody’s first time show at the Fringe is another of these highlights.

At the ripe age of 28, Cody has performed to sell-out crowds all over his native Australia and recently finished a three week stint in Asia before heading over to the Fringe with his show ‘Beard Game Strong.’

Cody is what many would describe as a “Man’s Man” – if they still exist in these oh-so modern times. Throughout his show, he regaled the crowd with tales of his love of UFC, his youthful pseudonym, and what really manages to tick him off. Each joke built wonderfully onto the next and at times, along with the riotously funny were fragments of: Did he just say that? Yes he did.

It’s refreshing to witness this style of no holds barred comedy today – it seems that so many of us are extremely hung up on the PC Side of Life – but with Cody, he manages to bring it all into perspective. His razor-sharp and astute observations had the audience gasping for breath, along with his own admittance of sometimes being a dickhead for the sake of it.

However, his brash style wasn’t for all involved (two people left) but it left me more confused as to why they had done so. There was nothing in his material that was “too offensive” or even “too crude.” His jokes and comic timing have clearly been mastered and carved into a fine point over his years in the circuit and if anything, for that, he should be applauded at merely staying true to who he is.

Make sure and take a large crowd of friends to this hilarious assault on your senses – you’ll have more than enough to talk about after. You can also hope to run into Cody, as he seems like he’d be a helluva laugh on a night out.

Til 30 August (not 17), 9:40pm, £12.50 (Concessions: £11.50). Age guideline 16+