Bromance, Underbelly Topside, Review

Submitted by maxb on Tue, 5 Aug '14 11.39pm
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Barely Methodical Troupe
Beren D'Amico, Charlie Wheeller, Louis Gift
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Sisterhood in all its forms is a confidently trod theatrical theme but “guy stuff"... ummm, well that’s always a bit risky, eh? I mean, going to a show with athletic blokes in it might result in something like a huge finger saying “Probably gay!” popping out of the sky and destroying one’s hetero-manhood. Well boys, I’d take the risk if I were you and go see Bromance where you might actually pick up some tips.

So, risk…. do you like risk? Mild jeopardy not enough? Want something a bit stronger? Try Bromance (a real word - look it up) at the Underbelly Topside - it has real risk in it, in buckets.

These guys, Beren, Charlie and Louis, go right to the edge of their physical powers and at points, appear to fail. Almost. But where there is a near stumble, it only makes the risks that these three lean, mean performing machines take look more heroic and endearing. And these guys really work their socks off (literally) to get their fraternal message across using a large hula hoop and the power of origami. No really. Origami.

The physicality is a delight and very in your face. A woman in front of me let out a loud and naughty guffaw at the “Taps Aff!” moment and went open-mouthed as things developed further. It was understandable but hardly worthy of our blokes. The show’s messages are grand and noble – men at their best - feel good about being male. And guys, this is the show you can take your partner to - if they can control their guffaws - and you’ll score big manpoints. You will probably need to brush up your own somersault though to cash the points in.

One criticism of the venue – mid row seven rows back, I couldn’t see the guys in full figure. An extra row or two of chairs have been slid in at the front and it did affect my enjoyment. Awww, but hey... it would be unfair for me to mark these brilliant performers down for that and this is no culturally dressed up Chippendale night oot for the laydeez.

The sincerity and passion of these guys for their art is palpable. It’s a definite re-book with friends for me and five stars with a muscular flourish. Great show!

Underbelly Topside, Aug 7-10, 12-17, 19-25 4.55 p.m. £13.00/£12.00