Woza Albert! Review

Submitted by Alex Eades on Thu, 23 Aug '12 8.16pm
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The Market Theatre and Assembly
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The recent bloodbath in South Africa has left everybody stunned and may even lead a few to question the country’s post-apartheid soul. But after hosting a successful World Cup in 2010 despite some very public doubters, this still troubled nation has strength and humanity to be admired and celebrated.

This afternoon’s performance of the much loved Woza Albert displays all of the character, colour and vibrancy of South African theatre, conveying an electric energy that is both admirable and contagious.

It is Apartheid South Africa and news is circling of the arrival of Morena (Jesus). Excitement and joy rages as the son of God has come to their country, but the last time he came to earth things didn’t pan out to well for him. Is history destined to repeat itself? Or can human beings right their wrongs?

The two performers take on a number of roles from start to finish and they nail every one, every time. The joy and enthusiasm that they bring to the stage is unmatchable and their very being there brings a smile to your face.

The comedy and play-like, even celebratory, quality of the show has a profound sense to it given the darkness of the backdrop. It’s a recognition of the best of humanity when confronted with the worst of it.

If there is any complaint it is that it is perhaps a little too long. There was a period around two thirds of the way through that could have been shaved a little. Not only was my attention starting to drift, but I couldn’t help but notice a lady nodding off in the corner. Perhaps it was the heat.

However, this is a great show with a lot of life and a lot of love. Definitely worth a look.

Show Times: Aug 23rd-27th, 4:00pm

Ticket Prices: Aug 23rd & 27th: £14.00 (£13.00). Aug 24th-26th: £16.00 (£15.00)