The Secrets Hidden in the Beatles Rockband

Rating (out of 5)
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New Celts Productions with Dedwest Productions
Iain Davie (Director), Ross Hamilton (keyboard)
David Edment, David West
Running time

A cracking 45 minutes at the College of Art-this may be one of the shortest shows on The Fringe but this was quality not quantity. With so much on offer a good short show is better value than a long dreary one.

A two-hander, Mike and Alfie meet up for a boy's night in after a gap in their friendship of two years. Much has happened although at first they take up where they left off with loads of banter. For those with long memories this is an adult version of the Likely Lads.

The two actors/singers are of the highest standard and their interaction is brilliant with both young men surely having a bright future in the theatre.The dialogue is snappy and funny even if it raised a lot of juvenile giggles from an audience of predominantly young people.

The story centres around a play station game and the Beatles songs are cleverly worked into the lyrics. Complete with guitars Mike and Alfie use their alto egos John and Paul to good effect.

The humour is adult in places and the comment ‘too much information’ is maybe pertinent. Could the piece be enhanced by the appearance of Rachel Neilson?

Built up by the lads and central to the story she certainly was larger than life in the minds of the audience who were left wanting more of the secrets of this likeable duo. This is a new piece of writing and worth seeing!

Despite requests, the biggest secret is who was in the show and who directed it.

Runs on even days until 26 Aug, 15.50 hrs