The Two Wrongies - World Of Wrong

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Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher
Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher
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Take two very talented ladies, select your subject ingredients very carefully, add comedy, physical theatre, dance , mime, vaudeville, video tape and you are part of the way to explaining this unique and thought provoking show. This production shouts at you experimental Fringe theatre of the finest quality, it is the very essence of what the Edinburgh Fringe is really all about.

Yes there is raw nudity, and sexually explicit material, but it is as the Health and Fitness magazines of the 1950s, not the smutty porn magazines of today. In fact, it even has the nude beach ball picture scene.

It has class, is stylish, and is well written. The lunging scene of the show is pure pythonesque, but perhaps a bit long. The black dress mime scenario strangely enough, reminded me of Lindsay Kemp and Jack Birkett.

The Two Wrongies have created low-fi “home movies” which act as trailers for the scenes in the show. These video clips serve to raise interest in the characters before the live performance itself, and the audiences are invited to take part and post their own video responses.

The performance, given that this was their opening night was close to excellent, but will get even better as they progress through the Fringe, but be advised that it is an adult show. These two girls Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher are well worth watching, if this Fringe show is any indicator of their future work, then they have a very bright road ahead of them.

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4-29 August, 22:30