A History of Scotland (in 60 minutes or less)

Submitted by iainmac on Mon, 11 Aug '08 7.27pm
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Sleekit Productions
Rachel Drew (director), John Kielty (composer)
Tania Dron, David Wallace, Andrew Thomson
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Going to see a show for children can be quite embarrassing and fearful. First you feel the embarrassment of being only one of the few adults there with no children, and secondly the fear that since this is a show for kids, you may be very bored.

A History of Scotland (in 60 minutes or less) crushed my worries within moments of sitting amongst the almost sell out audience. There was a good mixture of young children, adults and even a few teenagers. The good news was that there was something in it for all of them.

The show starts off with David Wallace telling the audience a bogus interpretation of how Scotland came to be but is soon shot down by Andrew Thomson and Tania Dron who want to tell the audience the truth about Scotland. Through comedy and song the three energetic actors take us on a journey through Scotland's colourful history keeping us hooked and entertained throughout. We go through the monarchs, Kings & Queens, the Highland Clearances, and they even manage to squeeze in an entertaining interpretation of Jekyll & Hyde. Special mention must go to the hilarious Andrew Thomson's unforgiving Spiderman costume!

A History of Scotland proved to me that even the simplest of productions can hold its weight within the sea of children's theatre on at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Times: Jul 31 - Aug 25 at 12:15 (no show Aug 5 or 11)