Good value pizza for lunch or going to Festival theatre

Submitted by edg on Thu, 26 Jul '18 11.32pm

I took my two sons (5 and 9 years old) here for lunch after a visit to the Museum of Scotland. Entering past the bar at the front the main room feels open and airy with its wooden tables on either side and mirrored walls, presumably to give the impression of the place being wider than it is. Like most of the lunch diners we sat in the upstairs room. It had a busy vibe, not surprising given its location directly opposite the Festival Theatre, and a 5 minute walk from the Royal Mile. That said, there was plenty more space in the downstairs room which was empty apart from the large oven area where the cooks were making dough and pizzas.

Customary crayons and paper was provided for our youngest and though the waitress did initially seem keen to take our order quickly, it didn't feel like a fast food kind of place. The atmosphere is casual, with run-of-the-mill pop playing fairly loudly on the sound system.

We each ordered the £4.95 lunch special of basic flat base pizzas - which includes a small flat base pizza, soft drink, and side salad.

The boys ordered one with a garlic, basil tomato base, a second with mozzarella, basil and tomato, and I had the spicy nduja base with Tuscan sausage, broccoli, mozzarella.

The pizzas arrived quickly and we all agreed were tasty. The base was crispy and the mozza runny and gooey. The combination of crunchy baked broccoli and spice in the sausage in my pizza piqued the taste buds. I was glad that the pizza came with a good-sized portion of assorted mesclun salad greens that were crisp and fresh.

The lunch special includes a can of Coke, Irn-bru, or sparkling water, which was provided with a glass with plenty of ice cubes.

For bigger appetites these smaller, value meal pizzas may not be fully adequate but it was sufficient for us. Based on this first visit I'd recommend Pizza Posto as a good value and relaxed spot for a pit stop.