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3 West Tollcross
Edinburgh Area
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0131 228 3252
Fringe Venue
About the venue

ATIK closed on Saturday 21 January 2023 after being unable to secure a new lease with its landlord. 

ATIK, in the Tollcross area, is one of Edinburgh's largest nightclubs, catering to students and young adults with a range of different club nights. It is one of a UK chain of clubs, rebranded as ATIK from its previous name of The Cavendish, or just "The Cav", in 2017. 

Originally opened in the 1940s as the Cavendish Ballroom, the club has been known over the years as Coasters, The Clouds, The Hoochie Coochie Club, Texas, Outer Limits, The Network, and Lava & Ignite.

It is a large nightclub with 3 venues on 2 floors of a single building and can accommodate over 1200 people.

ATIK underwent a major, £450,000 renovation of the interior, including three themed rooms with upgraded lighting and sound equipment, as well as six different bars and a VIP only ‘Luxe Lounge’. Before the upgrade and name change, the club was immortalised in a scene in Trainspotting 2. Sick Boy and Renton head to The Cav for a night out, but it  ends abruptly when Renton is discovered by Begbie in the gents.

ATIK operates a dress code, requiring clubbers to wear "smart, sexy, fashionable outfits" (check web site for what is and is not acceptable). Free entry often if you arrive early (like 11pm).

Pre-booked VIP booths on regular club nights and bookings for private parties available.

Full disabled access.


55.943508, -3.204423