Scottish Chamber Orchestra 2007/08 Season: Director's Notes II - Anderszewski

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Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Piotr Anderszweski (Pianist and Conductor); David Watkin (Principal Cellist and Conductor)
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All the pieces in this Scottish Chamber Orchestra concert are of the late 18th century – and what is particularly unusual about this concert is that the Mozart, Hadyn and Beethoven compositions are all performed without a conductor.

First on the programme was Mozart’s Symphony No 21 in A major. Even though this is one of his earlier works, written when he was only sixteen years old, the music is nevertheless imbued with Mozart’s distinctive, unique sound, skilfully drawn out by the conductor David Watkin, Principal Cellist of the SCO.

Next on the agenda was Haydn’s Piano Concerto in A major played by the accomplished Polish-Hungarian musician Piotr Anderszweski who is developing a ‘special’ reputation for playing and directing Chamber ensembles. It is a difficult thing for a soloist to do – to simultaneously focus on playing whilst at the same time be thoroughly engaged with the score and musicians – but Anderszweski proved to be adept in this task. He confidently played and conducted this concerto – reputed to be Haydn’s last keyboard concerto and one of his most popular.

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no 1 in C Major was the last piece on the programme. Again played and conducted by Anderszweski, this was written during an optimistic period in Beethoven’s life when he was being heralded as one of the best improvisers in Europe - prior to his debilitating deafness. With flawless playing, Anderszweski’s skill is in interpreting the emotions engaged in all the compositions he plays and judging by the ecstatic response of the audience he will continue to be a welcome guest soloist of the SCO.

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Friday 7th March - 7.30pm, Glasgow City Halls