Avenue Q, King's Theatre, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Tue, 28 May '19 7.39pm
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Musical Theatre International (Europe) Ltd.
Cressida Carré‏ (Director / Choreographer), Richard Evans (Designer), Charlie Morgan Jones (Lighting Designer), Chriss Bogg (Sound Designer), Paul Jomain (Puppet Designer), Samantha Murphy (Costume Supervisor), Mark Crossland (Musical Supervisor), Music Dimension (Keyboard Programming), Music Dimension (Orchestral Management), Dean McDermott (Musical Director), Alex Bellamy (Assistant Musical Director), Jess Parker (Associate Director / Associate Choreographer), Nigel Plaskitt (Puppet Coach), Jane Deitch (Casting Director), Tom Steedon (Resident Director), John Rowland (Production Manager), Matt Ollerhead (Company Stage Manager), Sky Barnes (Technical Stage Manager), Hayley Craven (Deputy Stage Manager), Natasha Harper-Smith (Assistant Stage Manager), Kelly McMahon (Head of Wardrobe), Daniel Chalk (Technical Swing), Jack Ramplin (Chief Electrician), Simon France (Sound Number 1), Ian Penrose (Sound Number 2), Paul Walmsley (Lighting Programmer), Chris Gunnell (Production Electrician), Leea Smith (Stage Management Placement)
Lawrence Smith (Princeton / Rod), Cecily Redman (Kate Monster / Lucy the Slut), Tom Steedon (Nicky / Trekkie Monster / Bad Idea Bear), Megan Armstrong (Mrs T / Bad Idea Bear / 2nd Arm), Saori Oda (Christmas Eve), Oliver Stanley (Brian), Nicholas Mclean (Gary Coleman), Jasmine Beel (Ensemble), Ellis Dackombe (Ensemble), Chloe Gentles (Ensemble), Robbie Noonan (Ensemble), Dean McDermott (Musical Director / Keys 1), Alex Bellamy (Assistant Musical Director / Keys 2), Eleanor Sandbrook (Sax / Flute / Clarinet) Mathias Dons (Guitar), Peter Hutchison (Bass / Double Bass), Simon Pembery (Drums / Percussion)
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So, you’ve got that BA in English, but what now? Residents on the Big Apple’s Avenue Q explore the question, “What is my purpose?” Though it’s mainly bright, Muppet-esque puppets that perform campy song-and-dance in this Tony Award-winning musical, this ain’t no after-school special.

The doors may have closed on New York’s 15 year run of Avenue Q on May 26th, but on May 27th, Avenue Q opened right here in Edinburgh, the third time this musical has come to the King’s Theatre. This raunchy, cartoonish romp spares no offense nor shameless irreverence, and it’s a laugh-a-minute right through to the end. Somehow it’s much more palatable to receive songs about porn, sex, racism and homophobia when it’s coming out of the mouth of a furry, googly-eyed puppet. Impressively, the writers are actually able to imbue thoughtful rhetoric on race amongst the farce, and the music is genuinely catchy and unique...to say the least! Just make sure the next day you don’t go into work singing, “The Internet Is For Porn”. Hum it, why don’t you.

The cast is strong, bringing their puppets vividly to life. Many actors play multiple characters, including particular stand out Cecily Redman. As Kate Monster, she is an absolute stunner. She flips between Kate and tawdry puppet “Lucy the Slut” with both hilarity and dexterity. A natural and nuanced actress in her own right, her vocal musicianship and humour make her just so likeable.

While Act II doesn’t seem to have the same narrative stamina as Act I, it is hard to find fault with this light-hearted abandonment of all things PC. Avenue Q is a filthy, goofy, delightful must-see.

MON 27 MAY TO SAT 01 JUN 2019
Evenings 7.30pm, Matinee Sat 2.30pm
Age: 14+