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St Bernard dog in Moray Place Garden
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One of Edinburgh's outstanding New Town gardens, Moray Place Garden (aka "Lord Moray's Pleasure Garden") is a circular park of some three and a half acres framed by the Georgian residences of Moray Place. It is only a few minutes walk from the west end of Princes Street.

The private garden is maintained by the Moray Feu, an organisation representing the residents of Moray Place. The garden is tended by gardeners year round with large mature trees springing from neatly cropped lawns, and beds, with colourful, fragrant shrubs and flowers.

A footpath, runs around the inside perimetre of the garden, passing under hanging branches and is boarded with bushes and flowers. It makes for a pleasant meditative amble. 

At the centre of the garden, is a leafy plot with a garden shed and the gardeners area hidden away behind the foliage. This is used for the storing of leaves, compost, timber from fallen trees and staging new plant arrivals before they find their place in the garden. A second circular footpath runs around this central plot.

Two other pebbly paths cross the garden lawn and connect the four entrance gates to the parklet at opposite ends of Moray Place.

There is a small play area on the east side of the garden, with two swings and a wooden climbing frame for young children. There is also a barbecue area nearby that residents can book for garden parties. 

The garden is normally only open to residents who pay an annual fee for its upkeep, but the Moray Feu opens the garden occasionally to the public for special open days, providing baked goods, tea and coffee. The Feu provides marquees for such events, in case of bad weather.


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