Greening of Granton Gasholder Continues With Removal of Its Bell

Submitted by edg on Fri, 4 Aug '23 10.10pm
Granton gasholder bell removed

Another step in Granton's transformation has been taken with the removal of the bell on the iconic gasholder. Under its former industrial use, the bell floated up as water filled the holder. The removal of the bell allows restoration of the 1901 gasholder's original 76 x 46 metre frame.

The gasholder frame will remain a monument to the area's industrial heritage, part of the £1.3bn Granton regeneration project, while providing a new space for multi-sensory play zones, permanent and temporary public art, a relaxation area, outdoor trails and tracks for exercise, and community events. 

Work will also be carried out to plant trees, shrubs and wildflowers with the aim of improving biodiversity and local habitat.

Council Leader Cammy Day said: "It was really dramatic to see the bell being ripped apart by the machinery. It marked a historic moment as this iconic structure will be transformed now to move on with the times to serve a completely different purpose for the local community to enjoy arts, sports and culture for future generations to come. Now the bell has gone, the contractor can get on with the exciting work to transform the frame back to its original glory which will be seen for miles around."

The gasholder has over 100,000 rivets holding the structure together and has been painted 72 times in its life.
It has 26 columns in total, each 9.3m apart, rising to a height of 42m. 

A unique feature of the Granton Gasholder was that the umbrella that supports the tank roof, when the system is not pressurised, was made from timber as opposed to cast iron. The timbers were reportedly in "remarkably, great condition" when demolition began.


McLaughlin & Harvey began work on the site in January of this year on behalf of the Council using £16.4m from the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

The Scottish Government has also provided an additional £1.2m to provide a high quality public park within the gasholder frame.