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Ezgi Gun Unal
Ezgi Gün Ünal (Creator)
Ezgi Gün Ünal
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Ezgi Gün Ünal has created a compelling piece of work here. An exploration and examination of life, its stages or phases and some of the demands and challenges of just existing. It follows an individual from birth to inevitable death in a period of 25 minutes. And that compression of time is handled with dexterity and finesse.

The opening scene has a blunt rhymical beat and combined with the choreography framed to the whole piece with the sense of urgency and purpose. The repetitious and maintained pace of the opening creates a powerful start. Transitions through life are performed against changes in music and short blackouts. The child sequence has a pronounced, innocent motif in the choreography which broadly is literal in its form and does edge towards being staid.

The later stages of life follow through and at each point, the resonant, major events are lightly touched upon and observed. Ezgi Gün Ünal has an enjoyable style and I as an audience member I was involved and entertained by her choreography and examination of life. Despite being a relatively short piece, the ending has a moving quality and in that brief performance there was a connection and attachment to the character which is quite an achievement.

The dance has a concentration and definite force, it has direction, intention and purpose and this quickly creates a bond between audience and performer. Delivered via Vimeo the production is good, sound and vision are of a high quality and the camera work precise and clean.

Ezgi Gün Ünal: Ordinary

Aug 6 – 28


Tickets: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/ordinary