Another, Dance Base, Review

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Ballet Works
Emrecan Tanis, Louis Stiens (Choreography) Mehmet Tanis, Fabio Adorisio(Composer) Edmund Shaw (Music)
Robert Robinson, Pablo Von Sternenfels, Calum Lowden, Martinia Verbeni
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There are many forms of dance and many different ways in which it can be performed – but to be successful it must do one of a number of things: entertain, inform or challenge our beliefs. I did not warm to this collection of four works; I found it difficult to relate to and difficult to understand but was impressed by the technical competence and ability of the performers.

There is an emotive depth in the delivery of all the work, and the choreography is agile and well-conceived. The delivery is good, but the structure and content of each piece cause fractures in their purpose and meaning, essentially they are opaque in their intentions. Undoubtedly this is beautiful dance as well as a ballet, and, while an audience might be impressed by technical ability that these dancers have without question, without a cohesive and clear framework it does not remain memorable or significant.

Aug 6-7    6:15pm