Taiwan Season: Bon 4 Bon, Dancebase, Review

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Chang Dance Theatre
Eyal Dadon (Choreographer)
Chien Hao Chang, Chien Chih Chang, Chien Kuei Chang and Ho Chien Chang (Dancers)
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This performance is about family and memories. About what we recall and remember from our childhood and what it means to us. Four brothers tell their stories of growing up together and how it has affected them. Mangos bizarrely are a constant theme and indeed a major element of their recollections and I did leave the show desperate to eat some!

There is a sense of humour here in the way the piece is presented together with pathos and melancholy. Each of the four brothers delivers a series of monologues developing and explaining the impact of their upbringing and their relationships with one another and their parents. The sense of family is strong and is present all the way through. This is achieved through the story telling and also through the visual framing and physical performance.

The supporting music and sound track have been well selected and adds an additional and sympathetic emotional layer to the choreography. Lighting and sound changes are subtle and all the more effective for it. The four brothers have an easy and fluid dance style and their connection with one another and relationships are beautifully delineated in movement, form and dialogue. The harmonious nature of the performance strongly contrasts with the current challenges our societies face and it is good to remember that the solution, probably to everything, is family and our relationships with one another.

Studio 3 at Dancebase is a large wide stage and a perfect setting for this piece. It is sufficiently large to allow full rein to the dancers abilities but sufficiently small to create an intimate atmosphere which is important to this performance.

Aug 14-19, 21-26 at 17:00 (35 Mins)