Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer, Dancebase, Review

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Shance Shambhu
Shane Shambhu (Director & Choreography) Ginnie Wollaston [Moving Souls Dance] (Producer) Jonathan Lichtenstein (Writer) Surinder Sandhu (Composer) Donald Hutera (Dramaturgical Support) Mark Hamilton (Research Collaborator) Lydia Hardiman (Set and Costume Designer) Martin Dewar (Video Designer) Ben Pacey (Lighting Design) Daniel Ellis (Technical Production Manager) Martin Dewar (Photographer)
Shane Shambhu (Actor and Dancer)
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This is the story of a dancer's life, about the journey towards dance and all that it can provide, but it is also about what dance demands of us and what we some times have to give up or hide in order to fulfil our drives and dreams.

Shane Shambhu is an engaging individual, personable, warm, approachable. All these thing emanate from the stage from the minute you enter, greeting each person as he does and talking in a relaxed and casual manner. Old footage of him as a young dancer is projected up onto a large circular screen held against the back wall of the stage. And nothing else is present other than the dancer himself.

The show is amusing and has a child like innocence which permeates the story telling which is what this show is; the detailed description and discourse of a journey from boyhood to manhood. The pace of the tale slackens very occasionally, the expositions are too long and some tightening of the narrative might improve the overall rhythm of the piece for me.

Shane is a natural performer, a good narrator and an effective comedian and like most comedians his understanding of pathos and timing are spot on. His delivery is fast and sure-footed. There are unexpected twists and turns in the piece which he navigates without difficulty and to great effect. This is a dance show with a different spin and a different approach and done with aplomb and grace, it's worth seeing.

22-26 August, 19:45