Contributors' FAQs

Frequently asked questions about posting content to EG.

What size of photograph can I add?

The maximum size will be indicated under the image submission field. The image will be re-formatted to fit with's design - it's best to include a landscape format (wide) rather than a portrait format (tall) image.

Why is there all this code and weird formatting when I paste text?

This sometimes happen when you post text from a Microsoft Word document or a web page. Try the "Paste From Word" feature (clip board icon with the letter "W" on it), or if pasting from text, the clip board icon with a "T" on it.

How do I create a custom teaser?

The teaser (aka "Summary") is the sentence or two that shows on the home page, in a list of articles, social media preview, etc. Post your custom teaser/summary in the summary field. Note: you don't need to fill this field. By default the opening sentence is used. The sentence or your custom teaser may be truncated if it is long. 

When posting a Review I get the message "Venue is not being recognised"

The venue field is an "autocomplete field" that requires you to SELECT AN EXISTING ENTRY rather than CREATE A NEW ENTRY (by writing some text). For example, start typing "Playhouse" and a drop down menu will appear with "Edinburgh Playhouse" which you select. If you try to add your own text (e.g. The Playhouse), without actually selecting from the drop-down menu, the form will be rejected. You can leave this blank if the venue is not in the EG system or you can add the venue separately.