Contributor FAQs

Frequently asked questions about posting content to EG.

What size of photograph can I add?

The maximum size will be indicate under that image submission field. The image will be re-formatted to fit with's design - it's best to include a landscape format (wide) rather than a portrait format (tall) image.

Why is there all this code and weird formatting when I paste text?

When you copy text from a Microsoft Word document or a web page and paste it to EG it almost always creates weird code and formatting - basically the different programmes are incompatible. Please avoid this problem by using the "Paste From Word" feature (a clip board with the letter "W" on it) if pasting from a Word document, or if pasting from text the paste board icon with a "T" on it. This strips out all the formatting code.

The steps are:

  1. Copy your source text
  2. Click on Paste to Word icon or Paste to Text icon
  3. Paste source text into the pop-up window and click OK.
  4. Add formatting if necessary

How do I create a teaser?

The teaser (aka "Summary") is the sentence or two that shows on the home page or in a list of articles. When creating an article place the cursor at the point where you want to add the teaser and it will add a red line showing where the teaser ends.

Why have I lost my first paragraph?

After you have added a teaser, make sure you tick the box that says "show summary in full view." Alternatively you can write a completely separate "summary" and untick the "show summary" box. Anything before the teaser will not show up in the full view.

When posting a Review I get the message "Venue is not being recognised"

The venue field is an "autocomplete field" that requires you to SELECT AN EXISTING ENTRY rather than CREATE A NEW ENTRY (by writing some text). For example, start typing "Playhouse" and a drop down menu will appear with "Edinburgh Playhouse" which you select. If you try to add your own text (e.g. The Playhouse), without actually selecting from the drop-down menu, the form will be rejected.