EIFF Preview: "Remember Elliott, it's raining..."

Submitted by Al Innes on Sun, 12 Jun '11 9.14pm

During the summer the Filmhouse, in association with Edinburgh International Film Festival, put on a number of outdoor screenings. This summer Film Four are planning something similar. The outdoor cinema has never really taken off in the UK – presumably something to do with the weather? – but I caught The Jungle Book last year and it was a fantastic experience.

With that in mind, I decided to brave the wind and rain to take a look at the pre-festival screening of ET in Festival Square. Festival director James Mullighan was out too, with an assortment of volunteers, and I was rather surprised to see a fair turn-out for the Spielberg Classic. A few came late, a few slipped away to warmth, but as an exercise in publicising the festival all credit goes to them, they really deserve kudos for effort. It was rather cold and increasingly the rain lashed down. The crowd didn't seem to grumble, in fact periodically the Film Fest team would hand out branded umbrellas to those who seemed most in need.

There is always something special about sharing an experience like ET to warm the cockles of your heart. On a personal note, of the two shows they are putting on over the weekend and tomorrow night I’d pluck for Tron any day. If you would too it’s screening tomorrow at 7pm. The forecast is far better than it was tonight, but don’t quote me on that. I'd suggest a ba blanket and an umbrella - then you'd really have no excuse to spend an evening with friends watching Jeff Bridges at his best.

Tron is showing as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival at 7pm in Festival Square, Lothian Road, Edinburgh. Admission is free but there are limited seats so arrive early to avoid standing.