Edinburgh Trams Face Council By-Election Challenge

Submitted by actionman on Tue, 12 Jul '11 1.13pm

John Carson, who has long been opposed to the way that the Edinburgh trams project has been managed and run by Edinburgh City Council and Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (tie) is standing as an independent candidate in the Council election for the vacant City Centre ward seat.

He is standing on a platform of 'Stop the trams and protect our services' which is bound to have wide appeal to all those who have been so utterly disgusted at the way that the Council and tie have bungled this project.  

One suspects that the last straw for John Carson must have been  the minority decision in the City Council, by the LibDems, to push ahead with the project and to take it to St Andrew Square, so committing the City to borrowing over £200 million in order to finance this decision.  And to make it worse, the Council have absolutely no guarantee of the final cost as there are so many unknowns that the contractor cannot provide the assurances that the citizens of Edinburgh might reasonably expect the Council to require.

So John Carson has a very strong case to try and provide the wide ranging expertise for the Council who have no one remotely as experienced as he is in these engineering matters.   Those who would like to know more about John Carson and his campaign should go to his website at www.stoptramsvotecarson.co.uk/