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St. Andrew's Day

A day marking Scotland's patron saint and things Scottish.

edg Mon, 21 Oct '19 8.27pm
Multicultural Diwali to Bring Lights, Colour and Dance to Edinburgh Nights
Hindu God Ganesh in Edinburgh Diwali Parade
edg Thu, 17 Oct '19 7.03pm

Philippine dancing, African drumming, belly dancing, Cuban salsa and a Chinese lantern display are coming in most "culturally diverse" Edinburgh Diwali yet.

Ceilidh Under the Castle

Submitted by edg on Thu, 10 Oct '19 6.28am

One of the official events at Edinburgh's Hogmanay, this traditional ceilidh dance for thousands is held annually in the West End of West Princes Street Garden under the castle.

For those that don't know the steps there will be callers helping dancers out.

This year’s jigs and reels will be brought to you by three ceilidh bands: Sleekit Beasties, Skyte! and Cool Ceol Ceilidh Band. Doors open at 7.30pm.


£65 and £145 (includes £5 booking fee)