Climate change

Tech Monkeys

Tech Monkeys is an after school club in RZSS Edinburgh Zoo combining the interesting topics of technology and nature. 

Returning this autumn refreshed and extended, Tech Monkeys will run on Thursday evenings throughout the term from 4 – 5pm starting today (12th Sept).

Open to children in P4-P7 with 15 spaces available. Topics to be covered will include building your own camera trap using a Raspberry Pi, media production and editing, VR experiences and looking at the use of technology in wildlife conservation, plus much more!

Sea Sick, CanadaHub, Review

Submitted by edg on Wed, 7 Aug '19 1.46pm

Anyone who follows the science of climate change closely is probably deep-down uneasy and quite possibly horrified by the increasingly perilous state of our planet. But communicating that sense is not always easy. 

Early on in her one-woman show Alanna Mitchell says that she’s not a scientist, nor an actor, she’s a journalist. Her response is to tell stories in a gently spoken, semi-biographical and amusing monologue. 

Pathetic Fallacy, CanadaHub, Review

Submitted by edg on Sun, 4 Aug '19 12.27am

Vancouver-based Anita Rochon is deeply concerned about climate change. So much so she set herself the challenge of creating a touring show which didn’t involve dumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere. She decided she, herself, could not tour. 

The solution she came up with is a curious fish, a “performance thing” she calls it at the start of the show, where each evening a different stand-in plays the central character against a green screen.