Build A Rocket, Traverse Theatre, Review Rhona Mackay Thu, 17 Oct '19 3.42pm
Build a Rocket, 2019

Build a Rocket is the debut play from award winning playwright Christopher York. RnB music from female powerhouses gyrate over the speakers.

Mythos: A Trilogy - Gods (2019), Festival Theatre, Review

National treasure, Stephen Fry brings his best-selling novel, ‘Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold’, to life. The tantalisingly dramatic mythology of the Greeks is full of gore, sex and life lessons. Fry has taken on the mammoth task of performing three different plays centred on different aspects of the mythology: the Gods, the heroes and the mortals. Today was an in-depth looks at the powerful yet flawed Gods and how the world began, ‘not with a bang but with chaos.’

Purposeless Movements, The Studio, Review

Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical description of CP:  "Which of our movements are purposeless?" The production dives into what it means to be a man living with Cerebral Palsy. Four professional actors with varying intensity of the condition present their perspective in an open, funny and poignant manner.

Heir Heads, theSpace on North Bridge, Review

Pretty Knickers Productions presents a dirty, gritty comedy full of swearing and hilarious dead-pan remarks, a good ol’ fashioned farce with over-the-top, comical characters who are all fighting over the will of a wealthy, promiscuous older gentleman. Three bratty sisters believe they’re going to walk away with his entire fortune before a suspicious stranger slips in at the last second to receive the lot.

Friendsical: A Parody Musical About Friends, Assembly Rooms, Review

Friendsical is a great excuse for nostalgia over one of the nation’s favourite TV shows. The cast are phenomenal and incredibly convincing. In particular Mitchells (Chandler), Lee-Morgan (Ross) and Goggins (Monica) really sell the part and have the mannerisms down. The set is a gorgeous, brightly coloured haven, featuring both flats and the iconic 'Central Perk'. 

Princess Party, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Fri, 16 Aug '19 5.12pm

Strap on your safety belt, here come the Princesses.

Based on real children’s birthday parties, these unwholesome, definitely-not-Disney-approved hosts give you an outrageous, X-rated take on what happens when the costumes go on...and come off!

Character comedy at its wildest, Los Angeles-based sketch comedians Lauren Howard Hayes and Hannah Pilkes take you through the drunk and dismayed Snow White and Alice, the no-filter, bossy older kids, the wealthy and delusional Beverly Hills mums and the miserable hired help to absurd and hilarious results. 

Square Go, Summerhall, Review

If you want to find the Scottish talent at this year’s Fringe, look no further. Square Go is a true reflection of our school yard antics, full to the brim with hilarious Scottish phrases, strawberry laces and what it really means to be a man. We find Max, hiding in the school toilets, preparing himself for his first proper toe-to-toe square go fight with the terrifying school bully, ‘a pure beast.’ Friend Stevie is there to console him, but, like typical young Scots, their relationship is based solely on slagging each other off within an inch of their lives.

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience, Imagination Workshop, Review

There are a few Fawlty Towers tributes floating around the Fringe this year. But Interactive Theatre International is the world’s longest running ‘Dining Experience.’ This is their twelfth visit to the Edinburgh Fringe and the show itself has been running for twenty-two years all over the world. This is the true original and it shows.