On Danse Is Pure Joy at EIF 2007

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
It's easy to forget the Edinburgh International Festival - the original "Edinburgh Festival" - in the hurly burly of the Fringe. The EIF kind of merges into the landscape, as literally thousands of Fringe performers turn the city into a giant theatrical playground.

Here's Looking At You Old Fish Eyes

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
The Scottish artist John Bellany, a former Edinburgh College of Art student, many years ago, was at an opening of his work at the Open Eye Gallery today.

Festival Flow Leads To Burns

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
The magnetic pull of the festival always brings old Edinburgh friends together. Yesterday, an out-of-town, musician friend of mine came visiting from Galloway, and although there's piles of shows to see, sometimes you just want to chew the fat.

Brute Force Comes To Leith

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
I went down to Leith docks to see Fuerzabruta (literally translated as "Brute Force") last night. It's one of the shows that got quite a bit of advanced press for its large scale "visual and sensory" experience, and the fact that audience members often come out soaked in water and covered in bits of paper and styrofoam.

Edinburgh Film Festival Moves To June

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
The Edinburgh International Film Festival today announced that it will be moving the dates of its fortnight long festival from August to June.

Crowds Turn Out For Soggy Cavalcade

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
It wasn't as big as in previous years, but heavy drizzle didn't stop people coming out in numbers for the Edinburgh Festivals Cavalcade, the official start to the festival season. 

It's Pleasant at Pleasance

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
When the sun's out like it was today, the Pleasance Courtyard is a great place to be. For comedy and cabaret fans there's a wealth of choice in this one spot and a huge beer garden

Free Shows at Edinburgh's Festivals

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
In all the Edinburgh Festivals that I've been at over the last couple of decades there's always been plenty of free shows. I'm not just talking about the street entertainers and musicians that are out in numbers on the Royal Mile and outside the National Galleries, but full shows indoors.

Assembly's Taste of What's To Come

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2008-03-15 08:22:55
The Fringe is often called a juggernaut of a festival featuring (I quote the Fringe office) "31,000 performances of 2,050 shows in 250 venues." Juggernauts take time to get going. Which is probably why Assembly is off already.

Launch Party for New Royal Scots and Euro Scot Fringe Venues

By edg - 2007-08-02 12:23:50
The Royal Scots Club and Euro Scot venues are celebrating the fact that they are operating under the new management of Seven Dwarves, with a launch party this afternoon, August 2nd at 2pm.

A to Z of Venues on Fringe Minus Four

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
The Fringe doesn't officially start until Sunday, but already the city is in the grip of Festival fever. The High Street is milling with street performers and actors peddling their shows and venues at both ends of the festival programme are today having their press previews.

Hard work, Bad Pay, Happy Days - My Job at the Gilded Balloon.

By tracyg - 2007-07-31 23:25:09
Ten years ago I moved to Edinburgh from Australia. It was completely unintentional…

Jazz On An Edinburgh Summer's Day

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
Everyone's moaning about what a miserable Summer we've had here so far. At least, today the Jazz On A Summer's Day event lived up to its billing. Well, almost.

Mardi Grassmarket

By Edinburghs Festivals - 2019-05-20 01:41:08
The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Fest was striking a more mainstream note today at "Mardi Gras," the free jazz event down in the Grassmarket.

Fringe Promoter Understairs Goes Under

By edg - 2007-08-01 01:39:26
The Fringe promoter Understairs who, earlier this month, lost one of their key venues the Apostolic Church has gone into liquidation days before the Fringe kicks off.