City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News: theatre

EIF 2015, Murmel Murmel, King's Theatre, Review

Murmel Murmel - photo credit Thomas Aurin.

A seemingly nervous conductor squeezes himself along the front row of the auditorium before falling into the orchestra pit.

Traverse Breakfast Plays: (in search of) Tomorrow, Traverse, Review

Breakfast plays at the Traverse this year feature six international writers who were commissioned to write a play responding to the word ‘tomorrow.’ This morning’s play, No Desert Roses, was written b

Every Brilliant Thing, Summerhall, Review

Every Brilliant Thing - photo credit Michaela Bodlovic

When our narrator was seven years old his mother couldn’t think of anything worth living for.

The Red Chair, Summerhall, Review

Red Chair by ChristopherBethell_002.jpg

What creeshie secrets does the red chair hold?

Edmund the Learned Pig, Summerhall, Review

Fittings Multimedia Arts - Edmund the Learned Pig - Edmund with  Anthony Cairns - Photo by Joel Fildes.jpg

Imagine an animal free menagerie; a memory man who forgets things and a vertigo suffering aerialist and you have Barry Bonaparte's travelling circus.

A Sudden Burst of Blinding Light, Zoo Southside, Review

A sudden burst - credit Oliver King Photography.jpg

Welcome to “This is Your Mind”, an avant-garde game show that attempts to get into the heads of a boy a girl and a “mad” mother.

We This Way, Summerhall, Review

We This Way

We are here to play a sort of game, there is no right or wrong, no win or lose, just the opportunity to explore.

Current Location, Summerhall, Review

Current Location - photo courtesy of Tegid Cartwright.

“As I wait for the dawn to break the memory of a place comes near.”

Vanity Bites Back, Gilded Balloon Study, Review

Vanity Bites Back production image

Welcome to Jill’s cookery show, a world where butter wouldn’t melt, a place where food is the centre of our lives.

To Kill a Machine, Zoo Pleasance, Review

To Kill a Machine - photo credit Keith Morris.

It has been said that Alan Turing died while conducting a dangerous experiment - it was called, life.

EIF 2015: Lanark A Life in Three Acts, Lyceum, Review

Lanark with  Sandy Grierson Helen McKay

Alasdair Gray’s seminal Scottish novel Lanark: A Life in Four Books dared within its pages to create a colossal imaginary view of Scotland, in particular Glasgow and its industrial environs,

EIF 2015: HMS Pinafore, Usher Hall, Review


The Usher Hall was full for this ingenious presentation of a much-loved and legendary operetta. There was an electric atmosphere beforehand, and the audience was clearly enthralled throughout.

Bluebeard, Spotlites, Review

Headlock Theatre's Bluebeard

I saw this show on the penultimate day of its Fringe run and whilst this review may not help their attendance numbers hopefully it will pay forward into any future work this company presents.

Spillikin - A Love Story, Pleasance Dome, Review

Spillikin- A Love Story (Photo credit Jane Hobson)

The human design has flaws. Hearts break, memory fades, bodies fail and ultimately nothing lasts infinitely.

The Year of The Hare, Pleasance Dome, Review

Year of The Hare - Photo Credit Alan McCredie

This is a fairytale of globalisation, corporate greed and of coming to terms with reality in a world gone mad.

Catalpa, Paradise in The Vault, Review

Catalpa - 35 Brookline

“Foolish man! Foolish foolish man! What I could have said was...What I should have said was...Why didn’t I just .. Show them...The pictures in my head...Why didn’t I – “

Raft, The Quaker Meeting House, Review

Raft - The Lab Group.

Birdsong and the sounds of the river accompany two sisters adrift from the modern world.

The Colours of Kenny Roach, Space @ Niddry Street, Review

The Colours of Kenny Roach - Peppermint Muse.

Peppermint Muse is a theatre company staging classic adaptations and exciting new work.

EIF 2015: Paul Bright's Confessions Of A Justified Sinner, Queen's Hall, Review

Paul Bright’s Confessions of A Justified Sinner  - Credit Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

James Hogg’s 1824 novel Confessions of a Justified Sinner has been described as “stunningly duplicitous”. What then are we to make of a presentation on Paul Bright’s version for the stage?

Liberation, Zoo Southside, Review


The Alchemist Theatre Company sets out to liberate the audience from whatever it is they feel trapped by, be it a mundane office job, a life of never ending opportunities that are never quite reached,

64 Squares, Underbelly Cowgate, Review

64 Squares - photo credit Richard Davenport

Sitting in the belly of the great ship SS Triumphant on route to a brave new world, B would like to tell you about himself.

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