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Sea Sick, CanadaHub, Review

Submitted by edg on Wed, 7 Aug '19 1.46pm

Anyone who follows the science of climate change closely is probably deep-down uneasy and quite possibly horrified by the increasingly perilous state of our planet. But communicating that sense is not always easy. 

Early on in her one-woman show Alanna Mitchell says that she’s not a scientist, nor an actor, she’s a journalist. Her response is to tell stories in a gently spoken, semi-biographical and amusing monologue. 

Pathetic Fallacy, CanadaHub, Review

Submitted by edg on Sun, 4 Aug '19 12.27am

Vancouver-based Anita Rochon is deeply concerned about climate change. So much so she set herself the challenge of creating a touring show which didn’t involve dumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere. She decided she, herself, could not tour. 

The solution she came up with is a curious fish, a “performance thing” she calls it at the start of the show, where each evening a different stand-in plays the central character against a green screen.